Amber N. Redding-Slootheer, APRN-CNP.

Family Nurse Practitioner 

   Amber N. Redding-Slootheer, APRN-CNP, is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Co-owner of Premier Healthcare.  Amber graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, then went on to complete her Nursing degree (RN) at OSU-OKC in 2008.  As an RN, she worked in women’s health, mom/baby postpartum, and labor and delivery at OU Medical Center for 2 years, then as a recovery nurse for Dean McGee Eye Surgery Center for 6 years.  She graduated with honors from Graceland University in 2016 with a Master’s of Science in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) where she met her husband, Roy.  She has practiced in emergency medicine, pediatric surgery, and urgent care.  She is currently earning her Doctorate degree at the University of Oklahoma and will complete her program in May 2021.


  Amber’s health philosophy is rooted in the idea that prevention is the key to health.  She believes in focusing on illness prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent serious diseases later in life.  She enjoys fitness, traveling (especially to the beach), and spending time with her husband, Roy, and their 3 children-Connor, Dane, and Bella.


Roy M. Slootheer, APRN-CNP

Family Nurse Practitioner


    Roy M. Slootheer, APRN-CNP, is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Co-owner of Premier Healthcare.  Roy was born and raised in the Netherlands and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology while living there.  He immigrated to the US in 1995 and proceeded to earn his Psychology degree (again) at Ashford University.  Roy then decided to pursue healthcare and became a volunteer Firefighter and paramedic specialist for 12 years while living in Altoona, IA.  He completed his Nursing (RN) degree in 2010 and worked as an ER nurse in one of the largest hospitals in Iowa.  He graduated with honors from his Master of Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) program at Graceland University in 2016, where he met his wife, Amber.  As a Nurse Practitioner, Roy has experience in urgent care, emergency/trauma care, and thoracic oncology surgery.  After losing his previous wife to lung cancer, Roy has developed a passion for helping his patients lead healthy lives and prevent serious disease through diet and lifestyle changes.  Along with being an NP, Roy is also a published author and continues to write several fiction and non-fiction books.  He enjoys traveling, working out, writing, and spending time with his wife, Amber, and their 3 children-Connor, Dane, and Bella.


Roy and Amber have a unique approach to healthcare that focuses on the prevention of disease and health promotion, with the goal of helping their patients live long, healthy lives.  Together, they strive to deliver quality, personalized healthcare-from their family, to yours.


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